How to take CBD (cannabinoid oil) Answered here!

-How to take CBD


CBD products come in just about every delivery form possible. Good news is whatever you eat or drink currently most likely has a company or product in that same category.

Leave it to the marketplace to come up with waves of products, seemingly to no end, each offering different mg amounts and styles of consumption.

Figuring out how to best take CBD, first would start with how you would like to use products best built that fit into your current interests, habits and lifestyle.

Different approaches include…




The main focus point is to make sure that what you’re putting into you body is natural and is coming from a source thats reputable.

Because of the CBD being so friendly to the body, you can really experiment with what dosage or milligram count works for you.

Start with a suggested amount typically 25mg, twice per day and add on or reduce mg count until desired results are achieved.

If your dealing with more in terms of health challenges its safe to assume that it may take more to get the relief you’re looking for.

Good news is regardless of you situation its natural and you can fine tune a regimen without worry.




Cannabis has been around literally forever (duh), however this recent explosion of users is new and The U.S. Food and Drug has only approved only one CBD product thus far.

Epidiolex a prescription drug product to combat two rare, harsh forms of epilepsy in late June 2018….

Time has not caught up with the amount of research needed to come out and say for the FDA to say ” we love the stuff and so should you”.

And given their track record that could easily not happen.

With limited data, and officially as they put it they have not come out with “any real risks” associated with its use.

At this point it’s do what you can to talk it over with your physician and ultimately be responsive to how you feel when taking it consistently.




Qaulity Hemp derived products will have less than .03% THC 


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Fact is consuming CBD alone will never get you high as it contains at most .03% THC.

There are over 100+ different strains of cannabinoids in the plant itself.

The chief culprit behind the mind altering experience that is common place in the cannabis plant is THC.

This is a common concern when Hemp is brought up, and that this is new information in a lot of circles you might still get a weird look from a relative or co-worker when you bring up the subject.

For most CBD is something  your parents didn’t know about growing up or even when they raised you. First discovered in the 1940’s it was looked over and researchers deemed it to be not worth much in the way of health benefits.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s that it was discovered to have some incredible qualities. The qualities that many people are enjoying today.


In fact, studies still show that still just 14% of Americans use this wonder product daily as of late 2019.

Put another way, over 8.5 out of 10 people don’t use CBD (yet) and what’s common place for some more experienced users, is brand new to majority of Americans.







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